TEI Western Greece - MSc Rehabilitation Sciences

Speech Therapy, Nursing and Physical Therapy routes



The Departments of Speech Therapy, Nursing, and Physical Therapy of the University of Patras organize together and conduct the inter-departmental Master of Science degree in “Rehabilitation Sciences”, with Speech Therapy, Nursing, and Physical Therapy routes.


The first academic semester of the MSc will start during February 2021.

Applications will open in November 2020.



The current MSc offers postgraduate level education in graduates of health sciences, so that they can obtain strong scientific knowledge and broaden their clinical experience and their techniques in the rehabilitation of patients. It includes searching and providing scientifically proven knowledge in the rehabilitation of patients, as well as research for the production and development of advanced theoretical knowledge, the development of innovative methods, techniques and clinical application in the scientific field of rehabilitation. Emphasis is put in prevention, improvement or even full rehabilitation of pathological conditions, congenital or acquired, as well as of traumatic injuries and their consequences in the human organism.


Course content

The course content of the post-graduate degree is relevant to prevention, improvement and rehabilitation, while there are 3 different routes: Speech Therapy, Nursing and Physical Therapy.



The program aims to:

  1. Provide specialized and scientifically proven knowledge in health care professionals regarding the current developments in the rehabilitation of patients.
  2. The development of search and critical appraisal skills of the provided information in specific health care topics.  
  3. Promote inter-scientific education of health care scientists in planning and conducting research in advanced rehabilitation techniques and promote health care taking into account safety issues.
  4. To supply the health care system with specialized in rehabilitation scientists with advanced knowledge and skills for a successful career in the private and public clinical field, as well as in the academic field.



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